Next125 Kitchen ~ A touch of elegance in the country side.

A stunning Elegant NX125 Kitchen – designed and Installed by Butler Interiors. next125-kuechen-fachpartner

People have always been fascinated by glass. Transparent and at the same time hard and robust … One advantage in the kitchen: glass is exceedingly hygienic and easy to clean. What‘s more, glass has a unique surface with a precious matter shimmer instead of strongly contrasting light reflexes. It all appears a little quieter and more subdued.

The satinated glass of the NX 902 fronts creates completely new design options. The soft, dully shimmering surfaces appear pure and exquisite when combined with bright colours, or opulent and noble when combined with darker colours. A surface finish that gives your kitchen its own very personal stamp and clearly distinguishes it from other kitchen fronts.

Just Beautiful.

  • KITCHEN RANGE: Next125 Nx902 Glass fronted doords in Platinum & White
  • WORKTOPS: Dekton – Keon
  • TAP: Franke Olympus in Silk Steel
  • SINK: Franke Ceramic White Sink
  • LIGHTS: Leyton Lighting
  • DESIGNED BY: Mark Butler